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    In an effort to expand our offerings for families, we are excited to announce our LearningLab. The LearningLab provides students with a special place to come and enhance their learning. Many students have already started coming to this room each week to meet with our new Learning Specialist, Mrs. Goshorn. The Library and LearningLab provide a new level of academic support for our student body Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. 


    The Learning Lab will cost $75 a month for meeting with the learning specialist twice a week and $50 a month for meeting once a week. 


    Participation in the LearningLab is required for students who:

    • Have academic accommodations 
    • Have a D for their semester average in a core subject or
    • Have an F for their quarter average in a core subject


    Parents may opt to enroll their student in the Learning Lab for academic enrichment regardless of their individual grades or needs pending room in the schedule.


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