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    Honors Program


    Upcoming sophomores have the opportunity to apply for the Ridgeview Christian School Honors Program. The Honors Program seeks to provide further academic advancement beyond our Advanced Diploma. Accepted Honors students will take dual enrollment courses through Liberty University Online, attend an Honors Worldview class during their summers and engage in enhanced academic opportunities throughout the school year.  Honors students will have the opportunity to graduate with an estimated 30 hours of college credit.  Additional fees will apply.



    To academically challenge students and prepare them for acceptance in a competitive college/university.

    The honors program of study is a program designed to set students apart.  The students in this program will be challenged and pushed to meet their highest potential.  They are students who are looking into competitive universities and college honors programs.  During their junior and senior years, they will work to develop what a biblical worldview looks like to them and be able to articulate what they believe and why they believe it. 



    • Students must have and maintain a 3.5 GPA beginning at the end of their eighth grade year of school through graduation date. 
    • This program will include required summer assignments in all honors (H) courses beginning the summer after their sophomore year.  
    • Students will be required 150 hours of community service between the end of their sophomore and senior years of school.  
    • Student will be required to participate in a biblical worldview class during the summer going into their junior and senior years. 


    Quick Facts

    • Dual enrollment classes through Liberty University Online
    • A total of 30 college credit hours available
    • Honors Worldview class through the summer
    • Various enhanced academic opportunities throughout the year


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