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    Academic  Overview


    The primary key to our success as a school is hiring experienced, godly teachers and getting out of their way. Our teachers are not bound to SOL's . They are given the freedom in their classroom to make the best decisions for their students with oversight given by our Leadership Team. 



    Our primary curriculum provider is BJU Press along with ABEKA Books and Horizons. Our team comes together each year to evaluate curriculum decisions to make sure that our student are receiving the best education possible. High priorities in our curriculum include:

    • Biblical Worldview
    • Critical Thinking
    • Age Appropriateness
    • Usability


    Diploma Tracks

    • General Diploma
    • College Preparatory Diploma
    • Honors Diploma


    Academic Assistance/Enrichment Programs

    • LearningLab
    • Dual Enrollment Honors Program



    Each spring our students in Kindergarten through 11th grade participate in the TerraNova 3 Standardized Testing. TerraNova 3 is a nationally recognized series of standardized tests published by CTB/McGraw-Hill in conjunction with ACSI. 


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