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Coronavirus Response Update - March 23rd

Posted by Jeremy Woody on OP5er @ 5:33 PM

Dear Ridgeview Families, 

Once again, what a difference a day makes. The governor today declared the all K-12 schools in Virginia to be closed for the rest of the school year. This does not come as a surprise to me at all. In fact, we had already begun preparing for that inevitability. Of course, this brings up many questions:

What does this mean for our Continued Learning Plan?

  • We will continue with our plan as it currently stands of continued learning from home. We believe this is the best thing for our students and families regardless of what other schools in our area do. All ACSI Christian schools in Virginia that I am aware of are doing similar things to what we are doing. We will continue to work to improve how we go about this. We believe that continuing the students learning even in a less than ideal way will be much more beneficial than suspending all learning. 


Will today’s Governor’s Order effect our Monday drop-off/pickup strategy?

  • The main is: we don’t know yet. We are working through the next few days to see. My hope is that we will continue to have physical materials exchanged through the cafeteria plan. 


How will this quarter’s grades be handled?

  • The bottom line: 4th Quarter grades will definitely be weighted differently than the first three quarters of the year. We are working through a few scenarios of how to accomplish that. We understand that this type of learning can greatly impact students grades. 
  • K5 - 8th grade: Whether a student is promoted to the next grade or not will not be based on 4th Quarter grades. 
  • 9th - 12th grade: Students will receive credit for 4th Quarter, even though how grades are considered will be weighted differently than the first three quarters.  



What else is happening?

  • New School News Page on Gradelink
    • We are about a day away from having a new School News page on Gradelink to be a hub of information about Continued Learning, suggested online tools, family resources and other School-wide announcements. Once we turn it on, it will be the first thing you see when you log onto Gradelink. This is helping us further achieve our goal of streaming our communication.   
  • Adding personal contact info to Gradelink for 7th - 12th grades
    • As mentioned in yesterday’s email, we have also heard from families of High School students asking if their students' email addresses and cell phone numbers could be added so that they can receive communication directly. If you would like your student added, please fill out this Student Personal Contact Information Form. This information from this form will only be used for Gradelink communications. 
  • Interactive Student Experiences 
    • We are working on more interactive experiences for the students. Beginning Thursday, March 26th we will use an app called Zoom for a Digital Study Hall. This will be an informal video conference for 7th - 12th grade students and staff. Our goal is to provide some interaction with students. We’ll see if we can answer some questions as well. Depending on how it goes, we will look to do this a few times each week at a consistent time. 
  • Interactive Parent Experiences
    • We are working on a couple of Digital Town Hall meetings. We will have one for K5 - 3rd grade, one for 4th - 6th grade, and at least one for 7th - 12th grade. We are working on which platform will be best to use between Facebook Live and YouTube Live. 
    • We are also brainstorming on how to accomplish a webinar version of our E3 Parent Night. 

We ​​​​​​​continue to monitor the situation closely. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me. You  feedback last week gave us invaluable insight to help us improve how we are going about so many things. 

love God, love others, start at home, 

Mr. Jeremy Woody
RCS   |   Principal
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